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All things roofing

We've done pro rib metal roofing jobs, we've built pole sheds, completed standing seam metal roofing jobs and shingle jobs. Take a break from the heat, grab something cold to drink and look through the pictures to see just what we have been busy with lately!

happy customers

We love the look of a clean standing seam metal roof and our customer seemed to have loved it just as much! Here's what they had to say upon seeing the finished product, "Thanks again for the most amazing roof ever! You guys are unbelievable! Such a great crew!"

Over 100 years old

We were told this beautiful red barn was built in 1916 but you wouldn't think so by looking at it, would you? It has been well taken care of!
Now with the metal roof we recently installed it will hopefully last many more years to come!

new garage

The Hetland's were happy how their 50'x30' garage turned out and also their custom 4'x6' BBQ shed to match!
We love and strive for happy customers!

natural lighting

We recently put up this 40’x80’ stud frame building for the Duchsherer’s. Notice the clear ridge cap? This allows for lots of natural light into the building.

just like new

We recently gave this building a new look by installing bright red side metal and white metal roof. Also, brightened up the interior by lining the walls with white liner metal. It now looks like a brand new building from the inside out!

Flying B Construction

nice new look

Do you have an older building that needs an updated look?
A new metal roof gave this shop a nice new look. The wide trim on the gable ends really stands out and gives the building a nice custom finish!

Like the clean look of metal?

One of the jobs we just recently finished. Notice the Snow blocks added over the garage? They will keep snow from sliding down in one piece. Important to have with our rough North Dakota winters!

Metal was a smart choice

Another metal roof project completed in summer of 2016 . Metal was a smart choice on this low slope roof as customer had leakage problems with previous shingle roof . 40 ft metal sheets from Pioneer Metal Sales made for a no seam panel from top to bottom, thus creating no chances for any water or ice backup .

White Buffalo Lounge

A makeover for the White Buffalo Lounge in Granville, ND, a new metal roof and new color accent panels on gable and sidewall , also a log front gives this place a nice face-lift!  Quality custom metal trims and panels from Pioneer Metal Sales make a job go so much quicker.

Lutheran Church

A big transformation to the Lutheran Church in Butte Nd . Metal panels and trim is locally formed in Karlsruhe ND by Pioneer Metal Sales .
A quick turn around on all the special trims needed kept us going without problems ..

Another satisfied customer

Another satisfied customer, and some before and after pictures on a barn reside and roof just completed.  Some quality bent metal and trims by Pioneer Metal Sales, out of Karlsruhe ND is what transforms this old barn into an amazing new looking barn .

ASPHALT Shingles

A project like this we are in and out and complete the job in a timely fashion. One thing we always do is leave the job site area cleaner than when we arrive.

Summer Jobs

Multiple jobs done over the summer, give us a call !

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